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EarthCruiser Australia manufacture in Wollongong NSW Australia our ‘World Class’ cutting edge design range of craftsman hand built Camper Bodied Off-road 4X4 & 6X6 Recreational Vehicles using Mercedes-Benz, Iveco and Landcruiser Cab-Chassis. Other OEM options on request. Civil, Military, Emergency, Film Production and Customer Exclusive Designs by agreement.

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Off-Road Exploring in Australia (under construction)

Coming from Overseas to Explore Australia? (under construction)

The Great Australian Adventure in an EarthCruiser (under construction)

Our 4 Day Handover to New Owners (under construction)

EarthCruiser Journeys are unique. Each a voyage of discovery for their freedom loving owners. This short video and music shares their many journeys into Australia.

Music & video by Desmond Last.

The EarthCruiser Explorer XPR. 12 Tonne GVM providing you with 700 litres of fresh water and up to 800 litres of diesel fuel. You will be able to travel where few if any have gone before. With the 122 litre fridge/freezer and up to 945 watts of Solar Power the Mercedes-based Explorer will take you the limits of your imagination.

Our EarthCruiser on the invincible Mercedes-Benz (click on image to see details on the Mercedes-Benz website).

Touring Australia? Touring Australia from overseas? Our 4 day handover is reputed to be one of the best in the World. You will spend 4 days receiving one on one EarthCruiser assimilation from our expert and Professional Service Manager. Subscribe to the EarthCruiser Newsletter:

The Earth Cruiser Expedition based on the Iveco Military specification is a hardy travelling companion that will take you to the very edge of Australia’s expansive landscape. With a spacious camper body for both short and long wheel Iveco models and a GVM of 7.0 tonnes you will be ‘off the grid’ in safety and comfort. Up to 400 litres of water and the option of 400 litres of diesel fuel and a choice of solar power from 405watts to 675watts you are truly able to enjoy the freedom your off-road adventure will bring you.

Used EarthCruiser. Serviced, Updated and including Handover. Call Mark for details on  (61) 0412 642 437

With a size that will ensure you are able to travel with a comfort unrivaled on the iconic and legendary Landcruiser 4×4 the solitude of your adventure in the silent depths of Australia will be the reality of your dream epic. 80L Water Standard (Additional 170L available) and 130L Fuel Standard (Additional 120L available). 270w Solar Panels (Additional270 watts available)

Mark Fawcett the owner of EarthCruiser Australia talks you through the EarthCruiser Explorer – XPR which uses the Mercedes Benz UniMog Cab-Chassis.

Innovation and Continuous Product Development are embedded in the Culture of EarthCruiser Australia. Our 6×6 Landcruiser is in the final stages of production (May 2023). The 3-axle extended wheelbase cutting edge design is World Class. With 2 firm orders EarthCruiser Australia have put Australian Off-Road 6×6 Recreational Vehicle design and innovation center-stage.

Manufactured and Produced in Wollongong NSW Australia. Our World Class highly skilled workforce are proud of the cutting edge design off-road recreational vehicle they manufacture. Our Team ensure their dedication to Quality makes EarthCruiser Australia a World Leader in the world-wide expanding recreational adventure market.

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Australia is much more than a place to live and work. I have attempted to capture the Journey of Discovery that you embark on when you enter the very being of Australia. I have stood in the Tanami Desert and watched the sun bring to life the coldness of the night with the splendor of the new dawn. Colors spring into life, the horizon becomes limitless and nature begins to blink in the many reflections casting their hues of red into the soon to be shimmering vista. It is more than an experience  it is a discovery - of yourself.

Australia - Your Journey.

For so long you have yearned for that which has evaded you,
That unshackling of the burden that comes from within.
It is within thee to seek that which you truly desire.
Your sought for pride of independence.
Discover yourself in the vastness of a land as it was and as it is;

See Australia.
A Horizon that awakens the imagination.
Be amongst the depths of a Nature forged over 300,000 million years ago.
Feel the sentinels of the past as they swirl through the monoliths of the rising.
You shadow time as if your life is the parallel reality set by the enormity of this land.
In awe, your heartbeat set to the pendulum of your thought.
Rocks glowing with the heartbeat of Perentie its genealogy a wonder to behold.
The leaping of a Kangaroo on its daily journey sets you to excite your adventure.
Marvel you will at the Blue Whale; the crowning of nature with a serenity to enjoy.
Feel the sweated toil of those who by foot set from Darwin to the Tanami Desert; man's endurance.

Wonder of the dreaming set by those born of the heart of this Land whose life is in the Earth,
The custodians of that which is within each dreaming breathe of the winds.
You and I to thank their Guardianship; The First Citizens.
They to protect.
We to respect.

The sun to glow its dusky tones breathing life into the very vortex of your soul,
Your spirit so long shackled to automated routine, now to be freed.
The metal precession daily a journey you so frustratingly endured.
Its grey shroud now a distant haze.
The present to flow over thee as if the springs of life doth wash away any automated chore.
Your darkness to fade as the light of Nature's splendour be yours to see.
You to be the union of living and dreaming: no hindrance to your own enlightenment.

Listen to the winds of time drifting from the very caverns of volcanic birth
The rockbound lines of history recorded as the footprints of time,
Echoing the World's oldest Civilization; their story living today.
The manifestation of their dreaming to explore with the most venerated of care.
You will see the ocean's blue expanse as it joins the rainbow of golden sand and dusky orange.
Amongst the most deep of Forests you will seek to protect all that you see.
For you will now know how they so give life; those mighty lungs of Nature.
Stand at the edge of a tide that meets the horizon as the setting sun paints its masterpiece.
Let sparkling rushing waterfalls and vast inland waters give a joy that is unbounded.

You will breathe deep as freedom enters your very being. You will know who you are.
For we are creatures of the Earth formed by the power of creation.
You and those with you in harmony with the Earth and each other.
Let EarthCruiser Australia take you on your journey.................

Poetry & Website by Desmond Last.

To discuss your EarthCruiser with Mark call him direct on his mobile Mark (Sales & Production) Australia: (61) 0412 642 437.