Purchase Options incl’ Hybrid Timeshare for those living outside Australia who would like to tour Australia Tasmania and NZ.

Under Construction. 16.7.23

This is a new initiative for EarthCruiser Australia which is still in the planning phase. However, if you wish to receive more information please send your details to gm@earthcruiser.net.au and you will be sent an information pack as soon as they are available. This should be by the end of August 2023.

EarthCruiser Australia is providing those living outside of Australia a unique opportunity to tour Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania in a EarthCruiser Australia off-road recreational vehicle based on a Iveco, Mercedes-Benz or Landcruiser chassis.

A EarthCruiser 2 person off-road recreational vehicle can be purchased wholly by one person/couple or as 2 partner groups with a variant of the Time-Share method. Time-shared EarthCruiser off-road RV’s can only be purchased new. For one person/couple purchasers in addition to new EarthCruiser’s we have a small number of preowned fully serviced Earthcruiser’s for sale. See Pre-owned for sale.

If you are in the USA/Canada or Europe/S.America/Africa and want to complete the trilogy of adventure; Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand and share your EarthCruiser with close friends or family then consider our hybrid Timeshare option.

EarthCruiser Australia off-road recreational vehicles whilst excellent value for the adventure you will experience by touring the vastness of Australia are not inexpensive. By sharing the cost with another partner group and making use of our Service and Storage facility you will be able to benefit from the Time-Share opportunity. Our Storage and Services prices are extremely competitive and secure.

Time-Share Options can only be sold to 2-4 groups of owners. Production cannot begin of your hand-crafted EarthCruiser Australia vehicle until all deposits are received. Delivery cannot be made until all Time-share options are sold and full payment made. The specification of time-share vehicles is a standard specification with an inclusive list of options.

Your adventure will begin at Wollongong NSW ( a short train ride from Sydney Airport) where you will receive a comprehensive 4 Day Handover. From there the horizon is yours to plan. We are able to advise you on route alternatives and details of any owners rallies that are available for you to join.

Should you decide to break-up your visit to Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand and return to your own country EarthCruiser Australia will offer a storage and maintenance plan. On your return your EarthCruiser will be fully maintained and fuelled ready for you to continue your great adventure. This also applies to Time-share owners. Should you decide to sell your share we are able to offer a comprehensive marketing and selling service. The same applies to those who have purchased an EarthCruiser as one person.

Tour the Vastness of Central Australia

Be inspired by nature New Zealand

Breath in the silence of Tasmania’s beauty

Your adventure could take 12 months or more perhaps less this will be the decision of your Time-share group. Your group will wholly own the vehicle.

Alternatively you can purchase an EarthCruiser outright and on your return to the U.S.A, Europe or South Africa we will sell it for you at full market value.

All EarthCruiser Australia vehicles for persons coming from Europe, South Africa and the U.S.A will be fitted with Starlink Satellite internet and Garmin GPS. You can be tracked and monitored if you wish – this can include video monitoring.

It is recommended that you enquire about insuring your EarthCruiser Australia before considering placing an order. The deposit required is $20,000 per time share option. Should you require only a vehicle for yourself without timeshare the deposit is $25,000 to order a vehicle with staged and agreed progress payments. A Insurers and finance companies list will be made available soon. At the moment there is a waiting list for EarthCruiser Australia vehicles. We have a small number of preowned fully serviced Earthcruiser’s for sale. See Pre-owned for sale.

Our 1300 number ensures 7 day a week contact. 24/7 Recovery is available.

A four-wheel drive teaching program is available for those with limited 4wd experience. Price and details by enquiry.

Further Details to follow ……………………………………………………………………..